Sira Hernández captures the sound solitude of Silent Music [...] She was able to show with a detailed vision the precious essence of each one of the miniatures that, chained, configure this magical universe of Mompou [...] Sira Hernández proposed a serene Mompou , measured in detail in the harmonics, always seeking the apparent simplicity of an essential music. [...] We approached this silent and dreamlike world under a contemplative vision to look for the simple line to which the composer referred to his Música Callada.

Revista Musical Catalana

[...] The exquisite pianist Sira Hernández gave the year 2007 an excellent sample of the less divulged piano Albéniz. The fingering of Sira Hernández enhances the scores with a combination of rhythmic flexibility and expressive warmth in a deep performance in the intellectual and emotional entity, in the concrete and the abstract. His wealth of nuances points to a great pianist, unfortunately, little known.


The pianist Sira Hernández offers us balanced and mature versions, far removed from the romantic stunts that sometimes weights these scores. Your acquisition is fully recommended.


The wise Bach of Sira Hernández is a cosmos in which the integration of opposites operates ... of exceptional purity ...

Revista Musical Catalana

Exquisite recital ... this young Catalan pianist interprets it with refined pulsation ... Thanks to the interpreter's admirable sensitivity, each audition is a pleasant surprise ...

El Periodico

[…] This is the authentic Albéniz how it should be listened to. The varied portrayal is so marvellous that the musical development of the Catalan (pianist) shapes it to the point of structuring it completely as a pearl.

Magazin. Piano News

New album by the exquisite pianist Sira Hernández, who on this occasion pays attention to the lesser-known Albéniz. [...] An hour of poetic music performed with the good taste and musicality that characterizes Sira Hernández.

CD Compact

Given the avalanche of recordings and versions of Bach's works, it is comforting to find such an elegant, transparent and balanced one. Without tending to easy romanticism or virtuous technicality, Sira Hernández finds an intermediate and quite neutral point, which allows a greater connection between the work and the listener.

Revista Música

Naturalness and expression. ... A happy taste for restraint ... Even the Nocturnes (Op 31.1 and 2) of Chopin who opened the second part sounded in that expository clarity that led to the most intimate moments and senses of expression. At the beginning of the exhibition of the second nocturne it was possible to hear the shocking silence that framed the initial theme of Chopin. It was not a silence of absence, of emptiness, but strongly significant. The amazing Sonata op. 110 ... of a beauty ... that arose from a soft touch, raised with sensitivity and feeling and good use of the pedal.

La Vanguardia

The elegance and beauty are wisely reflected in the interpretation of the pianist Sira Hernández. Careful but uninhibited, technical but sensitive, sweet at the right point. Simplicity and expressiveness There's no more …

Sira Hernández