Sira Hernández

On the cover, Sira Hernández. February 2019, (page 6)
The pianist and composer stars on our cover due to her own merits, since her intense concert and recording activities place her as one of the references of the Spanish piano. Formed in Italy and with Alicia de Larrocha, she tells us about her passion for sound and its creation. ( + info .)


The Muses, EMILIA FADINI The great discloser of the secrets of ancient music by Sira Hernández ...

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to speak in this article of the great Italian harpsichordist Emilia Fadini, who I had the honor and privilege to meet recently and be able to talk with her in depth.


"After Alicia de Larrocha and Luís Fernández Pérez, Sira Hernández enters the group of the great interpreters of Father Soler's sonatas on piano ... the sensitivity of the interpreter dictates the law and turns this music hour into an experience of the most rewarding. "(Discs Section)

ABC Cultural

Recommendation for the summer of Stefano Russomanno.
"A pleasant surprise supposes the twelve sonatas of Father Soler interpreted to the piano by Sira Hernández .... S.H. Contemplate this repertoire from a romantic and personal perspective. We listen to the margin of purism and preventions, these readings are captivating. " (Saturday, July 15)

ABC Cultural

"Sira Hernández has been able to find the essence of those expressive and free, almost romantic interpretations that she offers us in this new and essential album. The phrases of SH are never abrupt, but the sound is built jealously in each line, allowing the listener to enjoy with clarity the beginning and end of each of the periods .. SH flees from that "neatness" excessive usual in the pianists who seek to imitate a carnation sound to make us arrive at a spontaneous interpretation, more passionate and more captivating, all without losing a bit of correction in the execution of the details that plague the work of Soler. "
Lucía Martín-Maestro Verbo
(Recommend the CD with Father Soler's Sonatas)


Concert-poetic recital in Guadalajara March 23, 2018 'Verses by Gerardo Diego for the Nocturnes by Frédéric Chopin' This concert, presented by the pianist Sira Hernandez and the actor Manuel Galiana, merges Chopin's music and the verses of Gerardo Diego. ( + info .)

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XII Sonatas by Father Soler, Sira Hernández
... We are faced with a subtle and transparent interpretation, highlighting the dynamics and articulations fruit of Nin. Exemplary execution by Sira Hernández of these pieces, fruit of a great musicological work of patrimonial recovery ...
Luís Suárez

Revista Musical Ritmo

"Fleeing rhythmic rigidity and excessively dry sonorities, but without moving away from a certain interpretative rigor, Sira Hernández takes advantage of all the resources that the piano allows, as opposed to the key to perform freer readings, without running away from the pedal and rubato when they need. Imbued with beauty, their performances are as spontaneous as well recreated and have a very attractive point for lyricism, beautiful sound and romantic approach ... "(November)
Santi Riu


"Sira Hernández has understood the interpretation of Father Soler's Sonatas, from a careful and detailed approach, made from a pianism that takes care not to fall into extremes, that is, an exaggerated emphasis, proper to the 19th century, and a timorous imitation - impossible, on the other hand- the harpsichord that the Jeronimo friar must have known. "
Blas Matamoro


"Sira Hernandez assimilates everything to his personality not attached to any trend or school, we get this luminous and optimistic music with a contagious vitality and an exquisite technical expertise that allows you not have to worry about an immaculate reading to devote to interpret this music with freedom and feeling "
The album is an authentic delight that is listened to with pleasure by the work of Soler and by the indisputable personality of S. H. that apart from the clear and precious sounds it brings a warmth that distances us from the virtuous and mechanical academicisms ... "
Joaquim Hernández Puig

In Fernem Land
Sira Hernández